Good morning all.
I have just had a very happy customer call to thank us for helping resolve an over fueling problem with a Holden rodeo V6 6VE1 engine.
The brief history started with high fuel use and poor running until 3000 RPM was reached. It then took off and ran great.
Sounded like cam timing except for the black spark plugs on one bank.

I called out for help last week and James, our new member, replied with the right solution.
The oxy sensors at the exhaust pipe CAN be incorrectly assembled at the wiring connection at the exhaust pipe end.
This gives the computer the wrong signal and over fueling results as the computer tries to correct what it believes to be a lean mixture.

Our customer played with cam timing, replaced, coil packs, spark plugs, injectors, tried the local dealer (charged him $180.00 and got no where) then to the Auto Electrician who worked with us to come to the good result.
Guys, when your customer first blames your engine, then after our group helps like it just did, your customer calls to thank you and says there’s another engine coming out for you….hey just how tough are the other guys having it?
I will follow this up with a Technical Newsletter for our web site when I get more specifics on the connection problem
Thanks again James.
Hedley James
Ph 03 9372 3111