Dalby Engine Rebuilders









Website:  www.dalbyenginerebuilders.com.au

Dalby Engine Rebuilders has over 50 years experience in automotive, industrial , heavy diesel parts and engine reconditioning.

Dalby Engine Rebuilders is a leading specialist in automotive aftermarket parts, engine reconditioning services and industrial supplies.

Engineering Services:

Contact us for all engine reconditioning for cars, trucks and stationary motors.


  •     Automotive machining
  •     Boring & Honing
  •     Crankshaft Grinding
  •     Conrod Resizing & Gudgeon Bush Boring
  •     Crack detection
  •     All Cylinder Heads & Repairs
  •     Cylinder Block Sleeving Boring & Honing
  •     General engineering
  •     Heat Treatment & Stress Relieving
  •     Flywheel Grinding
  •     Line boring
  •     Surface Grinding & Milling
  •     Engine Assembly
  •     New & Exchange Engines
  •     Perkins Engines, Generator Sets & Genuine Perkins Parts

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