Engine Action International

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The Largest Independent Group of Engine Reconditioners in Australia

Each business location has a base business model that starts with a well equipped machine shop that specialises in the machining operations needed by the engine industry.

  • Chemical cleaning
  • Complete cylinder head reconditioning
  • Injector tube fitting
  • Pressure testing.

  • Crack testing. NDT testing.
  • Reboring and honing of engine blocks.

  • Specialist block work such as deck recesses & line boring/ honing.
  • Surface grinding of blocks.
  • All con rod work.

  • Crankshaft grinding.
  • Aluminium & general TIG and MIG welding

  • Lathe and general milling. Some with CNC.
  • Most with complete engine assembly. Some with engine fitting.

All businesses can supply the complete range of engine parts and backed up with know-how.

Engine Action International

Engine Action North Melbourne

Chilton Enginerring (Qld) Pty Ltd

Curtin Engine Reconditioning Pty Ltd

HB Sales (Mayfiled)

Duncan Foster Engine Reconditioners


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