What is Engine Action International ?

Engine Action International is a professional, highly skilled, highly trained & qualified engine services group. This group has a focus on raising the quality & standards of service, parts, & customer care in the motor trade.

What does this mean for the consumer ?

Engine Action International gives the consumer peace of mind knowing that the quality & standard of service is designed to ensure the highest possibility of trouble free motoring.

Does Engine Action International have the expertise & experience ?

The wealth of hundreds of years-shared knowledge & experiences within the group gives benefits to the consumer that is unparalleled. Answers to their questions or advice of an expert nature are available in all areas of motoring. We have specialists in all facets of the motor industry such as:-
* Single cylinder engines.
* Vintage restoration.
* Motor racing (bikes, cars, trucks).
* Petrol & diesel passenger cars & 4wd.
* Trucks, tractors, & earth moving.
* Mining, industrial & marine.
* But not limited to these.

Who do we contact with our needs ?

Refer to the home page for your nearest Engine Action International outlet & they will attend to your needs.