Chilton Engineering (Qld)




CHILTON ENGINEERING (QLD) Pty Ltd is located in Woolloongabba Queensland.

Chilton Engineering has proudly served the professionals in the Motor Trade Since 1962.

Chilton Engineering have done engine warranty work for manufacturers through their authorized dealers AUDI,ALFA-ROMEO, BMW, FERRARI, FIAT,HOLDEN, MERCEDES-BENZ, TOYOTA, HONDA, MASERATI, MITSUBISHI, PORSCHE, VW, LEXUS,KIA, MG, LANDROVER, NISSAN, SUBARU, SUZUKI

Services Available

Cylinder Head Work

  • Bead blasting
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Pressure testing
  • Electro-magnetic crack-detecting
  • Straightening
  • Valve seat inserting
  • Valve guide repairs/ replacement
  • Valve grinding/ Seat cutting
  • Machine tappet setting
  • Surface grinding
  • Aluminum Welding- corrosion repairs
  • Thread repairing
  • Removing and replacing oil gallery plugs

Cylinder Block Work

  • Chemical cleaning- ( Hot Tank)
  • Sleeve fitting
  • Re-boring and honing
  • Line boring
  • Surface grinding
  • Removing and replacing oil gallery plugs
  • Removing and replacing cam bearings

Component Work

  • Crack detecting
  • Con-rod resizing
  • Con-rod bush/pin fitting
  • Piston rod fitting and aligning
  • Flywheel machining
  • Piston expanding


  • Crankshafts
  • Flywheels, Pressure Plates, Harmonic Balancers
  • Con-rods
  • Pistons and Pins

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