Installation & Start-up Instructions

  1. It is the installers responsibility to ensure that:

  • The engine &/or component is the correct type & specification for the vehicle.

  • Any suspected defects in workmanship &/or component must be bought to our attention before final assembly.

  • The engine &/or component is fitted in a professional manner & to Australian Standards 4182 by a licensed mechanic.

  • Ensure that the customer registration form has been correctly completed inclusive of the date fitted, hour meter reading &/or kilometres.

  1. All cooling system hoses , clamps & hose sealing surfaces are in A1 condition. The water pump is to be inspected & free of any damage or corrosion, leakage or bearing noise etc. (if there is any doubt to the servicability of the pump it is to be replaced). Refitting a used water pump probably will result in grief. These items are not covered by this warranty.

  2. All air, oil & fuel filters must be replaced. Ensure engine breather & intake systems are cleaned & sealed from dust entry.

  3. Any oil gallery feed external to the engine will need to be dismantled, cleaned &/or overhauled, including oil coolers, turbochargers, & alternator vacuum pumps etc.

  4. Radiator must be serviced (ie. Tanks removed) or replaced.

  5. Fanbelts & cooling fan must be inspected. Themostat checked &/or replaced.

  6. An approved (AS2108) coolant/inhibitor with correct consistency must be used in the cooling system. ( This should not be added until a minimum of 1 hour of engine operation at normal operating temperature, to allow heat sealing of the gaskets.) Corrosion , stray current, & cavitation is not covered by this warranty.

  7. Engine oil shall be recommended by the reconditioner for running in period.

  8. Set engine timing including distributor operation to manufacturers specifications. Recalibrate advance curve on modified and LPG engines (on LPG engines also fit a solenoid in vacuum line.

  9. All pollution equipment is to be operational & working to manufacturers specifications. Check & reset exhaust emissions.

  10. Hour metres , oil & temperature warning devices must be operating correctly.

  11. Injector pump & injectors must be serviced. Pump timing must be set according to manufacturers specifications.

  12. Ensure glow plug operation & fuel shut off is correct & all engine wiring is in good condition & connected.

  13. Oil pressure must be obtained before initial start up. (Prime Oil System)
  14. After initial startup it may be necessary to retension the cylinder head(s) & if tappets are adjustable reset valve clearances.(If applicable)

  15. Clean & check all sealing surfaces before fitting gaskets, Orings & hoses etc.

  16. Check that all head bolts are corrosion free & replace where necessary, clean threads in block if required.

  17. Cylinder head mounting bolts/nuts & washers must be lubricated.

  18. Tension all bolts/nuts in the correct sequence in accordance with original manufacturers specifications.

  19. Ensure front pulley bolt is tight.

  20. Ensure all the above items have been checked off..