Mazda 3 LF Engine Variant

During assembly, we noticed that an oil feed hole in the deck, at the front of the block, immediately above the chain tensioner oil feed, was blocked by the head gasket from Permaseal AF2365SSY full set of gaskets.

The same engine had Pistons from Austral, PO1058 020 supplied and these don’t conform to the piston in this particular LF engine. The original piston difference is a lower comp of 4cc less in the bowl, and two valve reliefs machined in the top. We modified the pistons from Austral and proceeded on. Austral have confirmed that a Series 2 piston is “on the way”.

We have established that a Series 2 , LF engine exists. Our engine had a manufacture date of October 2008.
Pass this onto the engine assy room. None of us need problems with this.
Hedley James
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