BMW N42 engine, Variable valve

The head is off the N42, 4 cyl 2001 model BMW engine that has variable valve timing and variable valve lift. Our “local mechanics” will not be able to touch the job without the tooling that I have made. So I intend using this as a lever to keep them comming to me for their head work.

The information for the CMS is BMW  N42 engine, Variable valve . Covers several models and from 2001 approx.

” When dismantling, pay attention to the EGR system along the exhaust side of the head. There is a 10mm diam stainless tube that acts as a manifold to direct the exhaust gases required by the system. The tube is hidden behind the 22mm round screw-in plug at the rear of the head. The tube has to be removed to clean out the carbon which, after 130,000kms in the head that we have, will be blocked. With care it can be removed using the valve stem removal slide hammer and CRC. You then have to drill out the blocked carbon holes in the exhaust ports. The tube has been saved and refitted.
Special BMW tooling is used to set the camshafts up before removing the head from the car. The tooling is again used at our bench work when setting up the camshafts and the valve lift mechanism and stays with the head until the mechanic times the cams back onto the engine.
Whilst some information is available from VACC, we have had to make the tooling for the job.”
I am preparing a cost per set of tooling if interest exists. Note it may not be practical to loan this tooling due to the time required for the tooling to remain with the work from removal, reconditioning and then refitting of the head plus transport both ways. If you do BMW work for people other than the dealers, consider getting a set of tooling.
Hedley James
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